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A journey of a thousand miles – enter Vermon Seidel

So this marks the first post, on our new blog.

For those of you aspiring to spread their wings and fly, I want to invite you into our world by sharing knowledge, passion and ideas as we grow.
But let me introduce myself and give you a short story of where and when this started and plans for the future.
My name is Michael Michuki but you can call me Vermon. 

I founded Vermon Seidel and M.O.I.C clothing back in 2011, in my dorm room while studying at Africa Nazarene in my 2nd Year. I knew school was probably the most important free place to start and experiment things like business, especially because it is a lot more interesting .

Ever since i was a small child, i had a strong desire of founding a clothing line or a boutique, like the Versace, that is known all world wide, and as crazy as the idea was, i knew that i could do it.

Through high school and primary school i would draw sketches of all the ideas i had for cool designs. I even drew designs for people and i charged for it. I knew it was possible once i created my first design for the SCAD group in 2008 and it ended up being the most popular design and what differentiated guys from kiambu high when we went for funkies(functions).

Fast forward after high school, i still had the idea running at the back of my mind, it was something i just wanted to achieve. Fast forward to a day while doing my bachelors in computer science at Africa Nazarene, while chilling in my room with a bunch of friends, a friend of mine called Bob came by and while we were chatting, we realized that we both shared the same dreams and ideals about one day owning our own businesses, but especially owning a clothing line that was cool.

At first, we didn’t even have a name, but after 2 min of name guessing, i had a hunch and i suggested a few names. It all started with Vermon Swindle, then we were like nope…
then it morphed a little bit more to find what sounded cool with the name Vermon and viola, Vermon Seidel was the name, and me and Bobby soon settled on the name and really felt that it would have be a brand that would be solid.

That very day i quickly you-tubed how to make T-shirts and within 2 days i had made my first T- Shirt.  No sooner than later, i opened this very fan page and put a random logo which i had created in illustrator. It wasn’t all that but it was the beginning of a journey that i will never forget and to this day, it has morphed into something amazing.No sooner than later, did we go ahead to print our first T-shirts than we started trying to sell them to people around school.

Over the year into it, we made a bunch of different T- Shirts, some of which sold, some of which failed, but the one thing that i learnt as with everything, is that if you have an idea pursue it because it is a great learning experience. Time  and people are your truest currency.

I started selling them to my friends in school and some of them were bought, while others failed and this made us somewhat popular. At the time, though, i wasn’t very happy with the designs, i always envisioned them looking much cooler, but it turned out that they were semi-ok.

Later that year though,  i found myself travelling round Nairobi as a motivational speaker which was quite funny because i hadn’t really for-seen any of this happening, but what made me even more happy was that there were people who recognized what i did, even though it was pretty much nothing yet, in my eyes but like every other Entrepreneurial pursuit, we find people amused at how we manifest ideas. This is the what gave me true confidence in that, anything is possible and i can implement my own ideas.

Below is a list of things that i basically learnt from this.

  1. Every idea that we manifest in our mind is very important – i believe that it is God sending us a message.
  2. Just start and the rest will follow.
  3. Believe in yourself 100%
  4. What you start may not be perfect but it will eventually mold itself into something.
  5. You attract people who are like minded when you start on your idea.
  6. The longer you wait, the more you put it off.
  7. Have fun, because even if you fail it is okay you won’t even sweat it.
  8. You will regret not doing something, more than having done it.

So what are you holding on to that you think won’t work out, just start it Dammit, you never know where it may take you. I am starting out on blogging a little bit just so that i can stay sane, while doing my programming thing.


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Michael Michuki

Mike is a talented artist and entrepreneur from Kikuyu town. He loves making art and content that inspires growth and levels up, his surroundings. He also loves solving problems and taking up challenges. He believes that trust and peoples connections are today's currency.

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