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what gear should i start with as a beginner

When i started producing music about 1 year ago, i initially didn’t really know how music was produced or recorded. I had seen people in studios but with huge ass boards and gear that basically fills up the whole room, and to me it felt really scary. A thought would usually pop in my mind immediately, like ive recorded myself on my phone a thousand times, is it possible to just take that same audio and use it in a song?

Hell Yea its possible. I had a Nokia Lumia 900 at the time, and lordy did it record some amazing clear audio, hec i used it to record alot of interesting sounds when i was outside. Back to the lecture at hand, music production is essentially just that, music production, it does have a science though, making music that touches people is a whole other ball game. But in many ways it has been complicated by different people and notions about what is the right way to do it and i just call ballz on it.

Stormzy’s track : Shut Up : where he is basically in a park freestyling over the shut up beat is so entertaining, i kid you not by the time of publishing this article his video has 41M views.

So what is the myth? Anyways lets just really get into it and breakdown everything. We are in a new Era. You can literally make music with a cup and a spoon. Listen to freaking Bob Marley, his music was composed using the funniest things, like bottles and shakers, but let’s just get to the point here.

If you really want to get into Music production you can start by using various DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) out there to name a few:

  • Fl Studio (Even your grandmother uses it)
    • Soulja Boy was basically the pioneer of all internet Rap, he came up from making music on Fl studio, heck dude made a smash with Crank That soulJa Boy. I was in high School at the time, in form 1 feeling so bad because i didn’t know how on earth this kids in the US just managed to freaking do it. Kriss Kross, now Soulja Boy: i was dancing to his music but i was very bitter because i didn’t ever think i had a chance.

Image result for crank that soulja boy

  • Studio One 3
  • Cubase
  • Audacity
  • Ableton Live
  • Logic Pro x
  • Sony Acid Pro
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Propeller head Reason

When i started out i thought people recorded on Audacity man, so i downloaded the software and i started banging out tracks. I had learnt all the plugins by heart 😀  it was amazing because it felt so natural. So it would really pay off to take to heart the basic steps in anything. Mastering the small things are what make the biggest difference. Learn and master the basics.

It was really fun, i chopped up my vocals and just didn’t think too much about it. Once i was done, i put a small video of me having fun, the song is about recording music.

A few days later i downloaded Fl Studio and started messing around with it, just to see if i could make a beat, and just by trusting my intuition i was able to actually compose the beat that was playing in my head. Music is really easy, its just sounds stitched together like a sandwich. When you were small, you didn’t know how to do half of the things you are doing now even using a computer, there was a time it was hard but you learnt how to use it. So just do it, and do it and do it some more.

Anyways, also find what suits your style of music e.g Like EDM guys love Fl Studio

First blog post in 2016, and am out. 😀

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