Some call me Mr M.O.I.C or Mr Wings because i use too many wings in a lot of my designs 🙂 Anyways, my real names are Michael Michuki and i am from Kikuyu Wood(Kikuyu Town). A town where everything is so simple and everyone knows everyone. Hip Hop artists live in your T.V. screen and jobs are hard to come by if you aren’t smart. Art for me is something that i grew up doing all my life thanks to my family,and when i was 12, I would play piano every Monday and Friday in front of my school, Green Garden at the time, and rap to E-sirs and 2Pacs raps when i could, which was mad fun. I wrote tonnes of lyrics books too, from my favorite artists, a habit that i picked up on from my older sisters back in the 90’s since music was really dope.

However,after leaving primary school, i lost touch with playing music and actively tried other things to find what i loved. Then in high school between 05 and 08, I got to play Rugby as a winger and i was dope, but never got drafted. To this day I love it, but since growing up, i lacked the avenues to play and it’s quite frustrating. However out of those experiences my biggest lesson was how to focus on the moment, to enjoy it and learn as much as possible from it. I do my things pretty much like i play Rugby. I only get better the next time and that’s my only Goal. Getting better! I applied the same principle around my life in other things that i picked up like taekwondo, business, graphics design, fashion design, software Engineering, music production, hip hop and dancing. And every time i got the results that i wanted as long as i was focused, like designing and building iCow 2.0 in 3 months.

I’m C.E.O of Vermon Seidel and M.O.I.C clothing company which i started in my dorm room while doing my bachelors back in 2011. It has been a long life passion of mine to own a line and be my own boss so that i could do what i always wanted and write my own pay cheque. I believe in ownership and stepping into your greatness. Around mid 2014 i decided to fly off to Tartu for 2 years to study Software Engineering and focus on my craft and that’s where i decided to pursue my true passion which is making music after listening to Wiz, Curren$y and Nipsey hussle when making designs and writing software. I knew that it was what i wanted to do since no one else has been successful at it where i am from and that’s how the Wingers Worldwide – level up to infinity was born. I needed a way to share my story, express my views of the world and have a good reason to travel. I love hip hop music, so I taught myself how to produce songs with countless hours of practice. I would also attend JJ Street dance school twice a week and that’s where i would meet some dope dancers who would help me improve my hip hop dancing skills.


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